Hello, I'm Miranda

I'm an Illustrator and Graphic Recorder.

Photo by Maxine Bulloch Photography

My Story

My experience is rooted in the non-profit sector. I completed a BA in Environmental Studies & Sociology and have worked for organizations including David Suzuki Foundation, Vantage Point, and Sharp Six. Through this work I built experience in areas including communications, advocacy, and facilitation.

I am a visual thinker and have always worked best by drawing out ideas in front of me. In 2016 I began building a career in this field. Fast forward to today - I am doing this work full-time and absolutely love it. As a Graphic Recorder & Illustrator I have worked with organizations including Science World, BC Museums Association, Fernwood NRG, Squamish Nation, UBC, SFU, and many more.

I appreciate how illustration and graphic recording bring ideas to life, clarify nuances, and generate new questions. And I am always in awe of the creativity and thoughtfulness that my clients bring to each project. 

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What is graphic recording?
Graphic Recording is the process of visually summarizing a meeting, event, or conference. Graphic recording can be done from anywhere from a 30 minute session to a multiple day event.

What's your process to get a project started?
Please complete my Hire Me form to give me a sense of your project scope and timeline. I'll reach out with my availability and next steps.

What do you charge?
The cost will depend on the scope and time involved in each unique project. I'm always happy to put together a quote for you project. Enter the details of your project here and I'll get back to you soon!

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Miranda Maslany is an Illustrator and Graphic Recorder based in Vancouver, BC. She does a great range of illustration, graphic recording, and infographics. You can find her work at www.mirandamaslany.com.