Showcase your content with digital illustrations. 

You have a unique story to tell. Fresh visuals and simple animations can deepen the impact of your message.

Spot Illustration

Spot illustrations and text are a magical combination. Build them into your presentations, annual reports, collateral, and more. Below are a series of spot illustrations I have created for various projects.

Science World

I created four portraits of current and past presenters for Science World's event series Girls and STEAM - an event dedicated to girls interested in science, technology, art & design, and math. The portraits were used to support the event promotion and were printed on cookies as gifts for partner organizations.

The Dance Current Magazine

I developed a quarter page illustration for TDC's Spring issue that reflected on the evolving nature of dance criticism in Canada. The piece brought together several concepts from the article to help readers think more deeply about the content. The broken stars represent the potential fall of four star rating systems in the dance community. I created the animation to further capture the sentiment and TDC was able to use this for their social media content.

Commissioned Portraits

Below are a series of portraits created for various contexts.

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