Hand-drawn Infographics

Infographics are an incredible tool to visualize concepts and processes. 

Sometimes you need to see your ideas drawn out to say, "yes that's what I mean!"

Organizational Values

Visualizing the values of your organization is a powerful tool to build team engagement. Print them out for each team member, add them to presentations, display them in meetings, and more.

Columbia College

This infographic of team values was created for Columbia College's staff, faculty, and students to include in presentations, reports, and web materials. It was also printed & installed as a mural at the downtown Vancouver campus.

Vantage Point

These infographics were developed based on the values created by the Vantage Point team in 2021.

These values & principles were turned into a double sided postcard that was given to all the staff members to keep at their desks.

Road Maps

Get your team on the same page with visual problem solving to guide your projects forward. We can spend time over the phone or zoom to listen to a challenge you are working through and develop a visual that depicts the key challenges, goals, or sticky points.

Sea to Sky Meeting & Association Management

This infographic was created to explain the process of working with a not-for-profit board of directors. Sea to Sky has been able to use this graphic as a communication tool to articulate their services to their clients.


Tell your organization's unique story. Share your organizations's major milestones and how it has evolved over time. Communicate what you are most proud of that you want to share with your clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Victoria Community Food Hub Society

This infographic was created to support a written piece on the incredible success of the FarmHub program. 

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